Bishop Bulletin - 9 October 2020

Well, voting is now open and what seems like the longest election campaign of all time is coming to an end! Lots of people have voted already with advance vote numbers well up on the same period last year. Don't forget to vote! If you click here and punch in your address, it will bring up the nearest booth to you, both in the advance vote period and also on election day.

Have you seen my latest campaign video? I've had a really great response to it so far. You can check it out here and if you like it, please share it! It's a quick 90 second pitch for why I'm asking for your support to be re-elected as the MP for Hutt South. I also released an open letter to the Hutt yesterday - which is a longer message about what I've been working on over the past three years, what I enjoy most about being an MP, and what you can expect from me if I'm re-elected. Again I've had some lovely feedback on it, so please share it around if you agree.

There are just eight days left and it's fair to say I am pretty exhausted - we've been doing a lot of leafleting, letter deliveries, handing out flyers at train stations, phone-calling, door-knocking, human hoardings, and more! Hopefully you have seen my team and me out and about in the Hutt. If not, watch out for us in coming days. If you're keen to help out, then please let me know! In particular over the next week we need people to scrutineer in polling booths (everything is supplied for you and it's super easy) both during the week and on election day itself. You can also click here to make a donation to my campaign.

Here's week four of my Campaign Diary for Newsroom - I've really enjoyed writing these as the campaign goes on, and hopefully it gives you a bit of an insight into what it's like "on the trail!".

While the campaign enters its final stages - ordinary constituency work carries on too of course, and it's been fun getting around the community to things like the Enliven Woburn Home Wearable Arts show, the Wainuiomata Croquet Club Opening Day, and visiting the Gurudwara Sahib in Naenae. Also, have you lost a teddy in Petone? (See below).

Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend. And make sure you vote!

100 Person Human Hoardings
We had over 100 people on the Esplanade on Saturday morning - incredible reception. Thanks to everyone who tooted, honked, and yelled support!
I've voted - have you?
My first ever advance vote! Voted with Jenna on Wednesday at our local booth - Petone Library. Make sure you vote before or on the 17th!
Getting Melling Done
One of my top priorities if re-elected is to make sure the new Melling Interchange and wider RiverLink project is delivered. This is a critical project for the Hutt and I was proud to lead the charge to get it over the line for funding back in 2019 after it was delayed to 2028 or later.
Wainuiomata Croquet Club Opening Day
Pleasure to "run the first" hoop at the Wainuiomata Croquet Club Opening Day yesterday.
Amazing who you run into volume I
Ladyhawke joined me to hand out leaflets at Ava station the other day. I think she's more popular than I am.
Amazing who you run into volume II
David Seymour swung by Queensgate today - he looks about as tired as I am!
Transport in the Hutt
The contrast between the parties couldn't be clearer on one of the big issues facing the Hutt: our transport infrastructure. National has a plan to progressively upgrade our trains, cycleways, state highways, and roads over the next decade, including building critical new projects like the Cross Valley Link and Petone to Grenada. Labour's plan consists of Melling - belatedly funded thanks to public pressure after it was delayed to 2028 - and two other cycling projects - but that's it.

I'm really proud of our ambitious and integrated plan. Congestion is choking the Hutt and our multimodal and massive investment in the Hutt will get us moving, improve safety, increase resilience, and help drive our economy forward.
Visit to Gr8 Tandoori

One of my favourite Indian restaurants in the Hutt!

Visit to Gurudwara Sahib

Always love visiting the Gurudwara Sahib (Sikh Temple) in Naenae, and share langar (a shared community meal).

Have you lost a teddy?
Picked this guy up at the corner of Cuba and Jackson Sts last Sunday - still haven't found the owner! Send me a message if he's yours or you know who he might belong to.