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The government needs to give Hutt Valley residents answers on what is happening with the proposed new interchange at Melling, as frustration over the delays escalates.

"The proposed new interchange at Melling is a critical project for the Hutt and was considered by the board of the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) in December last year.

"More than three months on there has been radio silence from both NZTA and the government on the future of the project.

"Hutt Valley residents have been waiting more than a year and a half for a decision on Melling thanks to this Government’s Transport Policy Statement which forced a re-evaluation of existing projects.

“These delays are incredibly frustrating to both motorists and residents. I am aware of a number of constituents who are currently in limbo because of the delays and lack of certainty on whether their land will be needed.

“Hutt residents deserve to know if the project is going ahead, has been cancelled, or been postponed.

“National promised to fast-track a new Melling Interchange at the 2017 election. It is critical for the future of the Hutt and vital for the wider RiverLink project.

“After years of work and millions of dollars, NZTA needs to put an end to the frustration and give Hutt residents certainty on a new interchange at Melling.

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