Bishop congratulates Hutt TIN 100 companies

Hutt Valley news
Thursday, October 29, 2015

National List MP based in the Hutt Valley Chris Bishop is congratulating the three Hutt Valley companies listed in the annual TIN100 report on the performance of New Zealand’s top
hi-tech companies. The TIN top 100 companies included Fraser Engineering Group (ranked 61st) and Pertronic Industries (66th), both based in Taita, and Upper Hutt’s Wedgelock Equipment (96th).

“Part of a group of TIN 200 companies that grew to $9 billion in annual revenue, these three companies are great examples of ‘Technology Valley’ in action,” says Mr Bishop.

“Fraser Engineering are leaders in the use of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) technology to produce world-class components and products. They are highly focused on design as well as manufacturing. It manufactures about 90 per cent of the New Zealand Fire Service fleet as well as trucks for Australia, Pacific Islands, Fiji, Cook Islands, New Guinea and Asia.

“Pertronic Industries is at the forefront of advance automatic fire detection systems design, producing world-class products at competitive prices. All design, development and manufacturing is carried out in the Hutt.

“Wedgelock Equipment are leaders in the design and manufacture of world-class excavator attachments with a focus on being entrepreneurial problem-solvers. They too provide a significant number of jobs and growth in the Hutt Valley.”

The 2015 TIN Report showed accelerated growth with 2410 new jobs created in 2014/15, taking total job numbers to 37,333. Revenue grew in all regions of New Zealand and in all three major technology sectors – ICT, manufacturing and biotechnology.

“We have a great opportunity in the Hutt to create ‘Technology Valley’ – where science, technology and high value manufacturing drive economic growth, new jobs and higher wages for Hutt residents,” says Mr Bishop.

“Over 3,900 people across more than 825 Lower Hutt businesses are employed full-time in the high-tech sector, and the sector generates $473 million in GDP already. Lower Hutt has the fourth largest number of people in NZ employed in medium high-tech manufacturing.

“The challenge now is to get the TIN 100 and 200 companies of the future to be based here in the Hutt, doing R and D and growing their businesses.

“I also want to acknowledge TIN 100+ company Tekron International for their performance. Tekron provide high precision GPS and atomic clock time keeping technologies which are critical in national power grids, as well as other civilian and military networks.”