Technology Valley Awards will help showcase the Hutt

Hutt Valley news
Thursday, March 3, 2016

National List MP based in the Hutt Valley Chris Bishop is excited about the second annual Technology Valley Awards, launched this morning at the Dowse at a special breakfast event.

“It was great to have the Prime Minister in the Hutt last year to help present the first two awards at the inaugural Technology Valley Awards, and I’m really pleased this year the Awards are going to be bigger and better,” Mr Bishop says.

“I am always blown away by the amazing companies we have in the Hutt based on science, technology, and innovation. ‘Technology Valley’ is all about building on our existing strengths and growing more high-tech jobs in the Hutt. Over 3,900 people across more than 825 Lower Hutt businesses are employed full-time in the high-tech sector, that the sector generates $473 million in GDP already, and Lower Hutt has the fourth largest number of people in NZ employed in medium high-tech manufacturing.

“With two Crown Research Institutes, two tertiary institutions, as well as the government’s new high-tech HQ, Callaghan Innovation, all based in the Hutt, our potential is huge.

“The Technology Valley awards are a great way to shine a light on this very important part of our local economy, and help showcase the innovation here in the Hutt. They will highlight leaders and high-achievers in our community who will grow the Hutt’s reputation for innovation and inventiveness. They celebrate the abundance of talent in science, engineering and mathematics in the Hutt and provide an opportunity to recognise those making the greatest contributions.

“Building on the success of last year, the 2016 awards include an expanded list of categories including opportunities for individuals, businesses, projects, educators and students.”

Through the Business Growth Agenda, the National-led government is backing the Hutt’s science and technology focus, through programmes such as:

  • Callaghan Innovation and its various R and D grant programmes, including student internships, and support for Creative HQ’s “Lightning Lab” digital accelerator
  • Record investments in science and innovation
  • New tax rules to encourage research and development
  • The “Unlocking Curious Minds” fund which aims to get young students thinking and talking about science
  • Increased investment in engineering places, and promotion of engineering through the Education to Employment initiative
  • Supporting the new engineering school at the WelTec Campus
  • Funding a new ICT Graduate School in the Wellington region

For information on how you can make a nomination contact