Submissions to Council crucial in free parking campaign

Hutt Valley news
Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Chris Bishop, National List MP based in Hutt South, has relaunched the free parking campaign website, to encourage Hutt residents to make a submission to the Council on whether to keep one hour free parking in the Hutt CBD.

“Nearly 2,000 Hutt residents signed my free parking petition last year and the Council acted, introducing a free parking trial period from 5 January. But the trial runs out on 30 April and the Council is considering whether to make one hour free parking permanent through the annual plan process,” Mr Bishop says.

“Hutt residents once again need to make sure their voice is heard, and tell the Council the free parking is good for residents, good for retailers and good for the Hutt.

“Retailers report increased sales and more customer visits during the free parking trial. It has been overwhelmingly popular with shoppers who are enjoying the convenience of not having to feed a parking meter. Everywhere you look feedback has been positive.

“Of course there is a small cost - however I believe this is a worthwhile investment if it helps revitalise the CBD. The Council has put forward several options to cover the cost; including one which involves only a 32c per week increase in rates for the average residential household.

“The website is online again – Hutt residents can go there to make a submission to the Council via the website. It takes just a couple of minutes.”

A copy of the proposed Annual Plan 2016-2017 consultation document is available online at and can be picked up at local libraries, Council’s building on Laings Road and Hutt City i-SITE. Consultation closes 5pm, Friday 29 April.

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