New Wellington ICT Grad School opens with Hutt connection

Hutt Valley news
Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Chris Bishop, National List MP based in the Hutt Valley, has tonight joined industry leaders and Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Steven Joyce at the opening of Wellington’s new ICT Graduate School.

The collaboration between Lower Hutt’s WelTec, Victoria University and Whitireia is the second of three new schools around the country designed to lift the number of ICT graduates in New Zealand. Bishop says the joint venture will boost the ICT and technology sectors in the Hutt Valley.

“The new ICT Grad School is good news for ‘Technology Valley’. With strong backing from government and industry, the school will attract technology-focused graduates to the Hutt Valley where they will make a valuable contribution to the growing ICT sector in the Hutt,” Mr Bishop says.

“On the 16th of May I will be holding a public meeting on how we turn the Hutt Valley into Technology Valley and I am confident that investment in education and the ICT Grad Schools will be a key talking point.

“This a real sign of support from the Government in the over 3,900 people employed across more than 825 Lower Hutt businesses in the high-tech sector. Students who complete their graduate studies at the new school will be highly sought after. The Hutt Valley will be at the front of the queue when it comes to offering good job opportunities and affordable living.

“The influx of students will help consolidate the Hutt Valley as the home of Technology Valley. Students will have the opportunity to complete paid Summer of Tech internships, or Creative HQ start-up boot camps where they will contribute directly to the local tech industry.”

The Wellington ICT Graduate School will offer four Masters-level programmes as well as Ph.D programmes. It also plans to offer graduate and post-graduate diplomas. More information about ICT Graduate Schools can be found here.