Hi-tech summer ahead for Technology Valley interns

Hutt Valley news
Thursday, August 11, 2016

Chris Bishop, National List MP based in the Hutt Valley, has congratulated four Hutt Valley companies who received R&D Experience Grants announced today by Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce.

“Technology Valley has done very well out of this latest round of Government grant funding,” Mr Bishop said.

“Not only will the overall scheme be administered by Callaghan Innovation located in Gracefield, but four individual Hutt companies will be funded to employ high-tech summer interns at the end of this year. These students will develop their technical skills and will gain valuable work experience.”

Tekron International, CRL Energy and DuluxGroup will each be provided with two $7,200 grants to employ students in their final year studying science, technology, business, engineering or design. A fourth company, Aviat Networks (NZ) has been provided five grants worth $36,000.

“The Hutt continues to develop a reputation for excellence in the hi-tech industry. Research shows that new talent being injected into these Hutt Valley businesses is likely to lead to long-term employment in the Hutt, with 36 percent of 2015-16 summer interns going on to be employed longer by their sponsoring company,” Mr Bishop said.

“This is a great way to attract young people and families into the Hutt Valley and bring with them a significant economic, scientific and social contribution to our community.

“It builds on recent Technology Valley success like the Tech Talks 2016 event organised by Chilton St James student Lucy Chen and held by STEMM Talks Lower Hutt.”

The R&D Experience grant provides funding of $18 an hour for up to 400 hours of work upon proof of the company’s payment to the student (to a maximum of $7,200 excl. GST).

More information for students or businesses interested in the student grants scheme is available here.

Across New Zealand, 116 businesses have been given 245 grants to employ students over the 2016/17 summer break.