Wed 27 Jul 2016

Only a handful of Kiwis had ringside seats at one of the world's most viewed news events last week.

Sun 24 Jul 2016
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America! Jesus! Freedom! That was the all-important catchphrase for Will Ferrell’s satirical character in The Campaign. Cam Brady would have fitted right in last week at the Republican National Convention.

Sat 16 Jul 2016
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Blurred vision and a constant tremor of the hands would discourage most from taking up the highest form of Chinese art, calligraphy.

Fri 15 Jul 2016
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My grandmother tells me they were all talking about how to buy a house back in her day. I also remember it being talked about around the dinner table when I was a kid. It appears we haven’t moved far.

The easy option for this column would be to list all the things we are doing and tell you it’s all in hand.

Mon 11 Jul 2016
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Residents have launched a petition calling for a crack-down on window washers after a spate of attacks on schoolchildren.

Wed 6 Jul 2016
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Reports of school children being attacked by window washers in Auckland this week are alarming and unacceptable, says Botany MP Jami-Lee Ross.